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Fall Tips For 2019 Hair And Makeup

The breeze is getting cool, the leaves are crisply falling and sweaters are emerging. “What should I wear? What do I do with this hair? Do I want a change?” These are all questions that young girls as and even accomplished women ask themselves every season.

While not everyone is willing to turn their head to a firefly phoenix color, there are ways to incorporate the autumn spirit without a permanent change or damage to your hair and psyche.


1) Hair Color

(Fall is known for warm colors such as red, yellow, orange, brown, mahogany. You can ask your hairdresser to add some warmth to your base color, mahogany low-lights or even something more adventurers.

2) Makeup

(Eyeshadow, and lip color is a quick way to brighten your appearance and match the seasonal colors and trends).

3) Eye liner

(Play with warm tones, such as brown and dark reds to line your eyes. I will give your eyes softness and warmth).

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