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Halloween Makeup Ideas and Trends

The first leaf has fallen, and costumes ideas are probably already going through your minds!

Along with the handfuls of candy and horrifying decorations, this holiday gives us the chance to reenact a favorite movie character, or try a new makeup trend that might be too bold for an everyday look. Below are some top tips on choosing halloween makeup and or a costume.

TIP 1 Mobility

The best recipe for an epic halloween night adventure may that be trick or treating, a family party, or even bar hopping, is to have a costume that you can be comfortable in. If you know you will be moving around and walking a lot, it is best to stay away from uncomfortable shoes, and heavy costumes and restrictive makeup.

TIP 2 Coordinate

Don't be that party pooper who wears the same costume as your coworker! Take your time to create a unique character that will make people, laugh or scream in terror. Often a favorite movie, novel or tv show character can be a good idea.

TIP 3 Go all the way or don't go at all!

If you are looking to authentically recreate a costume, character, historical figure or object you don't need to spend a lot of money! There are many cheap alternative ways to constructing the perfect costume. Scavenge through a local thrift shop, your old clothes or even dye clothes to replicate the desired costume.

If you are clumsy with makeup you can research around for local salons that do halloween makeup for adults and kids.

On behalf of Lume Hair Styles, we hope you have a spooky Halloween.

Stay alert, safe and most of all

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