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How To Find A Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Love is in the air, and brides are overloaded with planing , choices and a duty to create a magical day for themselves and their guest list.

Experts are hired to plan, cater, alter, and most importantly stye and make up a bride. This unique event requires a stylist and or makeup artist who is sharp, organized and understands the bride's vision.

Here are 2019's top 5 tips on how to choose the best makeup artist and hairstylist for your wedding day.


1) Research

Take time to research a salon or event stylist's reviews and website content. After a glance, narrow down your top three choices. Once you have selected your top choices, schedule a hair and makeup trail appointment. After your impressions of the artist and service, take the day to see how the makeup wears, and how the updo feels.

2) Communication

Communication is key on the day of your trial appointment, because it will determine if the stylist and or makeup artist can handle the pressure that comes with your wedding day. Make sure to look out for active listening, note taking, and questions about you (the bride) and your bridesmaids. You have possibly found a worthy stylist if they ask about any possible allergies, wedding details, event locations ect.

3) Sanitation

So you've found good makeup artist/ hairstylist, who has great pictures on instagram. During your service take mental notes of their set up and sanitation standards. Are the opening the bobby pins with the help of their upper lip, or using their finger? Are their combs and brushes clean? Does the makeup artist use disposable lip, eyeliner, and mascara brushes?

4) Professionalism

Make sure to be punctual, and expect the same in return. At some point at your trial appointment you should be presented with a wedding contract to sign in the salon. A deposit is common to see on a wedding contract, but if you are unsure if this is the artist for you, ask to take the contrat home and review it. The salon's flexibility about your contract can help you make your final decision.

5) Flexibility

If everything is lining up with your salon choice, make sure to look for salon and stylist flexibility. While their wedding contract normally addresses cancelation and travel fees, it might not cover personal needs such as product preference, and ordering hair pieces/ extensions ect. An experienced cosmetologist will have relevant product knowledge and will carefully guide you through your decision making.

Take your time to research your makeup artist and hairstylist and trust your instincts. The goal of hiring a beauty profesional is to have someone who is respectful, understanding, and experienced.

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